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Why WeFoot?

How are your feet condition?


I suffered an ankle injury while changing direction.


If you make a sudden change of direction or stop during a vigorous exercise such as soccer, the law of inertia applies. Football boots are supported by the ground due to spikes and can beat the inertia force, but if there is a slip between the foot and the football shoe, it cannot beat the inertia force. In this case, your lower body will become more tired and you may be injured.


I have a hard time climbing and my toes hurt.


Climbing can make your feet tired. When climbing uphill, the foot slips, causing a loss of power, and the toes are more energy consuming to prevent slipping. When going downhill, the toe may hit the forefoot of the shoe and injure the toe.


When I do a trouble shot, my stance is not stable.


When taking a trouble shot on a non-flat surface, it may be difficult to achieve a stable posture because the foot slides in the shoe and the posture is held. And if you walk in the field for a long time, fatigue can build up and your posture can shake.


I can’t transmit the power properly with the pedal.


In cycling, the shoes do not slip on the pedals, and the cleat pedal and cleat shoes are worn to increase efficiency. However, the problem of slipping between the foot and the shoe still remains, and if the force decreases in the second half of the game, the foot slips more and the performance decreases significantly.


I have high insteps so it’s uncomfortable to wear shoes.


Everyone’s feet look different, but when they match their feet to ready-made shoes, sometimes they buy and wear shoes that are a bit larger in length or width. In that case, whenever you are active, there is a constant slip in the remaining space, loss of strength, and friction may cause blisters or corns. In addition, it makes the lower body fatigue, which affects the balance of the body, which can lead to problems such as the pelvis and spine being raised.


I put on a soft insole but my ankle hurts.


Excessive cushioning of your shoes can cause strain on your ankles and knees. The feet continue to be balanced without our knowledge, because excessive cushioning makes it difficult to balance, and inappropriate loads are placed on the ankles and knees.

The problem lies in the shoes.
So how can WEFOOT help you?


WEFOOT's Non Slip socks unite your feet and shoes. Special Non Slip pads are attached to the inside/outside of the sock to prevent slipping between your feet and shoes and create a grip.

  • Injury is prevented by keeping the feet fixed in any violent movement.
  • Energy loss is maximized and fatigue is reduced.
  • The feet do not slip, allowing for comfortable and accurate power transmission.
  • No friction, preventing blisters and corns.
  • Because the pad is thin, there is no foreign body feeling, and the elasticity is very good.
  • No matter what size you wear, they will fit your feet perfectly.
  • It helps your body get a good balance.


If you use the insole in the upper part of the insole, the non-slip seat attached to the top of the insole increases the grip between your feet and your shoes. In addition, it not only absorbs the impact from the ground, but converts it into repulsive elasticity, increasing the propulsion energy and increasing energy efficiency.

  • It is the same as using WEFOOT Socks, but you get a higher effect.
  • Appropriate cushioning supports your feet and reduces foot fatigue.
  • Unlike other products that slip when water gets on the non-slip surface, our products do not slip even when wet.
  • Due to the coating treatment, it performs the same in various temperatures and seasons.

Make your feet, socks, shoes, and insoles one with WEFOOT!
We'll make you more comfortable, prevent injuries and improve your performance.