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Unique Polyurethane Foam

Provide a consistent movement even on sweaty and wet surfaces

This technology is also commonly used for LCD displays in smart phones, “Impact-Absorbing polyurethane foam. Founder of WEFOOT applied his topmost experience promoting of foot health and reduce the chance of inquires.

Biomimetic Advanced Technology

(Close to the nature)

As simple as it may appear, it is quite the contrary. The octopus’ suction cups are actually beautiful little tools with a fair amount of sophistication in the organization.

Using biomimetic advanced technology and more than 500 trials, WEFOOT technology was able to create the structure of polyurethane foam.


Polyurethane Foam Cell

Intercross padding supports a FULL RANGE OF EBERGT for your foot. It is more COMFORTABLE than it has ever been and helps with your BALANCE too.

The clips are NOT TOO THICK and NOT TOO THIN. It is simply the perfect width to protect and help FORM to your foot as EFFORTLESSLY and as NATURALLY as possible.

Biomimetic Advanced Technology

Double the grip

One of the reasons why Rubber/Silicone socks do not provide much grip or slippage prevention is that the material is applied only on the outside of socks.

Applying on both sides with such materials is unthinkable because it will make the sock bottom just way uncomfortable and too thick to fit properly in individual’s respective size shoes.

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